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Xi3 The Future of the Desktop

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Smart phones, watches, TVs and even glasses, the death of the PC is upon us. Information is now accessible all around us so why bother buying furniture anymore to put it on? Yes we have the laptop, but whats left on the table top? I must say as a developer I spend 8-14 hours a day on my Mac/PC and to do this I need a work station. A tablet or laptop will not cut it. We now compute in tiers. Each tier has tasks and devices to fit the need. If I want to arrange to meet a friend for coffee I’ll email or more likely short msg on my phone. Would I write a novel on it no. I have a friend who wrote his uni dissertation on a PDA circa 2001, I must say I’m still impressed by his level of patience!

At the top of the tree will always sit the PC for any serious author, designer or developer. Steve Jobs once described the shift from PC to Tablets analogous to Trucks slowly being replaced by cars for transportation. Cars are great for getting from A-B but we need the trucks to do the heavy lifting. Over the years I’ve shifted from various noisy ATX fan cooled tower to a custom heat pipe cooled mini PC (size of a book). Our PC tech is shrinking even more thanks to mobile and recently the micro/pico PC is taking off. We’ve had USB stick Pico computers for a couple of years but these lack oomph and IO to tie in to several monitors and peripherals.


One of my favorite examples so far of the micro PC is the console setups available from Xi3. These little beasts are configurable, extendable and repairable making them seem like a modern day ATX or should that be uATX.


The first thing people notice about Xi3 Modular Computers is their small, cube-like shape — approximately 4-inches or less per side on the outside. And yet, the soft finish surface of the extruded aluminum casing and the chrome-plated honeycomb-shaped endcaps evoke feelings of a finely tuned racecar.

But good looks alone mean nothing without true power under the hood, and the Xi3 Modular Computer delivers here as well, both today and for years to come. Central to the power, functionality and capabilities of the Xi3 Modular Computer is the fact that the Xi3 Computer Architecture breaks the traditional mold of a computer motherboard by subdividing it into three separate but interconnected modules:
The Xi3 Processor Module,
The Primary I/O Module, and
The Secondary I/O Module.

So will standards settle down for a bit, I doubt it. Some of the projected display examples for the iPhone look interesting and who’s to say you couldn’t write a Novel with Google Glass. We could well be there in a few more years.


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