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iPhone 6 Wraparound Display Concept Video

iPhone 6

T3 have created a concept video of a future iPhone featuring a wrap around display. Using Apples recent patent and applying a little artistic licence they have created some sweet eye candy. There is not guarantee that such a device may ever exist. In such a competitive market place large companies are quick to act acquiring patents before competitors do, even for extravagant idea such as this.

The video takes us through the functionality of an iPhone display covering the device’s entire surface. There’s no front or back to this iPhone, just one huge display that allows for new ways of interacting with software, as well as removing those pesky buttons that Steve Jobs hates so much. Featuring an AMOLED screen that packs in a whopping 11615×1800 pixels and a 2MP front-facing camera, the device is entirely buttonless. Volume control is instead taken care of by a gesture-based slider on the spine of the device, which whilst awesome would give us the concern of accidental volume adjustments during normal use. This is just a concept for now, but it’s where all great products start. This may very well be a future iPhone.

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