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Android Market Fragmentation

Open Signal have released a report into fragmentation of the Android market and found many strengths and weaknesses. The Bad: Android devices come in all shapes and sizes, with vastly different performance levels and screen sizes. Furthermore, there are many different versions of Android that are concurrently active at any one...Read More »

Apk Piracy and Prevention for Developers

Ever thought how easy it would be to steal your competitors source code from their apk to make it your own? Well you should because others are thinking this about you. Back in May David Teitelbaum from apkudo did a presentation on this topic with tips on how to harden...Read More »

Scandu Scout - The Tricorder Starts to Become a Reality

The Scandu Scout has caused a stir on Kickstarter now standing at over ten times it’s $100,000 goal and still with 31 days to go. The Scandu Scout has gained the Tricorder label from the Sci-fi series Star Trek where such a device was magically waived over the injured or infirm...Read More »

Google Now Meets Android@HOME Concept

  We seen an insight into Android@Home at Google IO 2011 but all has been quiet since. Android user Doug Gregory got tired off waiting and set to work on a home automation project of his own. Using existing tools available for Android he came up with this: The demo uses the...Read More »

iPhone 6 Wraparound Display Concept Video

T3 have created a concept video of a future iPhone featuring a wrap around display. Using Apples recent patent and applying a little artistic licence they have created some sweet eye candy. There is not guarantee that such a device may ever exist. In such a competitive market place large...Read More »

Magisto Smart Video Editing

Magisto is a video editing service that provides automatic editing of your video clips so you don’t have to. Simply select clips, select a sound track from your existing music add a title and your done. Magisto is predominantly and online service and the app available for Android and iPhone...Read More »

Apple Patents Wrap Around Mobile Display

AppleInsider has spotted a new patent filing just published by the USPTO which details a wraparound-style AMOLED display. This would make it possible to create an iPhone almost entirely all screen, with touch gestures and virtual buttons replacing the physical. The patent describes designs of a continuous surface resembling the...Read More »

APKUDO Android Device Testing Service

  Apkudo provides a service for Android developers to evaluate app performance on a large range of leading industry devices. The service makes it simple for developers to get started all thats required is to sign up with a google account and upload an APK. Apkudo then installs, executes, and exercises...Read More »

Disabling In-App Payments

In app payments used by children, parents never seem to learn the dangerous mix. Five year old Danny Kitchen ran up a £1,700 ($2,500) bill in less than 15 minutes by tapping game credits linked to in app payments. Apple recently announced its to offer compensation to US parents. It’s...Read More »

Toy Story: Smash it!

The gang are back in Toy Story: Smash It! Join Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the Disney Pixar Toy Story gang on their latest adventure! Toy Story: Smash it! is an all-new, 3D physics-based puzzle game featuring your favorite Toy Story characters! Embark on new adventures with the Toys...Read More »

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